All of our students deserve quality, safe neighborhood schools where they have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their talents and skills.  A quality public education opens doors, provides opportunity for upward mobility and is important to the economic development of our communities. 


Pennsylvania must meet its constitutional obligations by fully funding our schools and making the necessary changes to the funding formula in order to better serve under-resourced school districts.   Making these changes would improve the learning environment for both students and teachers and would lower property taxes by removing the heavy burden placed on our taxpayers.  I am a product of strong public schools, and I will fight for them as a state representative. 


In our current economy, a high school diploma is often not enough to ensure long-term career success. Access to affordable higher education has never been more important, but many families are struggling with the burden of high tuition rates that prevent young people and adults from obtaining the skills they need to move into higher- paying and more economically secure jobs. We can do better, and I promise to support measures that open up opportunities for job training and affordable educational opportunities at all levels.